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REVIEW BY ALERT of the first of a comedy series, on BBC 3, dealing with voluntary euthanasia.

17th of January 2013

It was very slick, very funny. There was only one death, but a hint of more next week. What is difficult to take is the Dignity-In-Dying - soaked mindset of the producers and writer (Bob Kushell). They cannot imagine seeing the world in any other way. An elderly man with motor neurone disease who wants to die is a 'character' you identify with. Other elderly people with disabilities are seen huddled together in a 'home' being shouted at by young physiotherapist. Obviously they are stupid not to have asked for death.

The suicide machine is represented as a moneymaking device because so many bright people will want it. Actually suicide merchants, though well publicised, don't seem to be rolling in money.

It would be nice to be able to take the BBC commissioners responsible for the series by the shoulders and turn them around just to see what things look like from the other point of view.