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Can you remember the talk about a "baby boom"? After that there was a BABY SLUMP, and now there aren't enough young people paying tax to finance retirement pensions. (Luckily more babies are being born now)

Now Assisted Suicide is all the fashion. Coincidence?

It's not about giving us CHOICE, it's about saving money.

Doctors in Holland, where they can kill legally, don't always wait to be asked. More than 10,000 Dutch people carry "Don't kill me" cards. Since Euthanasia came in, the restrictions on it have been removed one by one. Now babies who have a disability can be killed by doctors, and their parents aren't always consulted.

The British Government argued in the Appeal Court that giving all hospital patients tube feeding and hydration when they couldn't swallow normally, perhaps after a stroke, would cost too much money (it would let them live too long). The Government won.

Euthanasia may be a final solution to the problem of old age.

But it's not a good one.

DON'T give elderly or disabled people a DUTY TO DIE.

Write to your M.P. and tell him or her to stop it happening here.